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Seahorse Room

Our Seahorse Room is the next room for our rising 1 year olds. In this room, we adapt the layout depending on the abilities of the children as they move from crawling to walking.

We have special climbing apparatus called the ‘mole hill’ which gives children a safe place to practice their physical development and learn how to manoeuvre over slopes and steps.

In the Seahorse Room, children learn how to drink from an open cup and learn to become more confident in feeding themselves with two spoons. Children also enjoy the sociable experiences of mealtimes with their friends and trying new foods from our specialist early years food provider, Zebedees. The Seahorses have access to our unique ‘Inside Out’ area, which is a shared outdoor space with the Dolphin Room where each day presents new opportunities to explore. As the year progresses and the children become more confident, our Seahorses also have access to our large nursery garden which brings further excitement as they discover our mud kitchen, large sandpit and low-level hill.